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Meet MyHR 724! This revolutionary application in human resource management is designed to optimize your business processes, increase productivity and maximize your team’s potential.

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you’ve used before

Crafted with world-class UI elegance, enabling you to manage all your widgets through a single screen with the convenience of global standards.

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Quick detail viewing is possible with one click.

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Handle all your transactions with one click.

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Sort, add or remove widgets in the Dashboard according to your wishes.

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Managing assets, documents, passports and more trackers for your company has never been more enjoyable.

Navigating Paperwork with Ease: Effortless Process Management, Timely Reminders, and Employee Celebrations! From effortlessly tracking essential documents like passports and visas to receiving automatic reminders for crucial deadlines, never miss a beat with MyHR 724.

Asset Tracker
Document Tracker
Leave Tracker
Visa & Passport
and +3 more
Let the Talent Hunt Begin !

Navigate a sea of talent with our streamlined recruitment solution, making hiring your next star a breeze.

Seamlessly Handle Job Postings, CV Pools, Video Interviews, Onboarding, and Beyond! Say goodbye to traditional hiring hassles with MyHR 724. Revolutionize your recruitment process as you effortlessly manage every step – from dynamic job postings to creating your CV pool, conducting engaging video interviews, and streamlining the onboarding journey.

Plus, enhance your HR strategy with our integrated feedback system, powered by insightful surveys.

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Our Unique Touch Advanced Encryption System With this cutting-edge feature in place, we ensure that your sensitive data remains safeguarded at all times. Your peace of mind is our utmost priority as we strive to maintain the highest level of protection for your information.
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Use MyHR 724 to streamline your processes, save time and effort, and take your company to the next level.
Clock In & Out

Track the daily entry and exit of employees.


All the details you need in one place.       


Create and track leave, expense and document requests.


Follow all the news and requests instantly.


Check out your company's announcements and events.

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“This HR application has transformed the way we manage our team! User-friendly interface and seamless integration with other platforms. Highly recommended!”
“Incredible! Saves so much time on routine HR tasks. The analytics feature is a game-changer for our organization.”
"After trying several HR solutions, we've finally hit the jackpot! This platform seamlessly integrates all our HR tools, making our workflow incredibly efficient.”
Lucas Anderson HR Director
“Overall a very solid HR application. I only wish the onboarding process was a bit more streamlined. But once set up, it works like a charm.”
Isabella Martinez Marketing Leader
“Efficient, secure, and effective. This HR system exceeds expectations. An enhanced file management feature for easier document categorization would be ideal. Hope to see this update soon!”
“As an HR professional, I've tried various systems. This one takes the cake with its versatility and the level of support they provide.”

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